Evan Taylor Jones is an eclectic soul-rock artist and singer/songwriter from Orlando, Florida. Born in Inglewood, CA, Jones is no stranger to the struggle that bared his family and the community of people from the area. His voice is truly a revelation of the experiences he’s known growing up. Jones is the youngest of three athletic boys; raised by a single Mother, who he now claims as his Guardian Angel. When Evan was just 13, she passed quite suddenly from lymphatic cancer. From there, Jones began slowly dissecting the classic music he remembered his Mother enjoying. Excelling in high school as a highly scouted basketball player, Evan’s life took a turn after he tore his labrum during District Semi-Finals. While healing from the injury, Jones began his journey with a guitar.


Jenny Kloote, a Lead Entertainment Advisor at Walt Disney World theme park (Orlando) may have said it best: “His voice is like bread and butter; so smooth and tasty, I can almost eat it.” Evan represents the soul of the late-greats and classics from the Motown and Mussel Shoals era, with songs centered around love, peace, happiness and triumphant over-comings, further embellished stylistically in edgy rock ‘n roll. Do not let the dread locks fool you! Jones is nothing shy of Lenny Kravitz in his prime.

ETJ is a full-time musician, performing as a regular at Disney Springs on most nights of the month. Jones now, gratefully, reaches fans in over 34 countries. In 2015, ETJ had the honor of playing for a sold out crowd when he opened for Bob Marley’s legendary band, The Wailers, at the House of Blues in Orlando. Subsequently, Evan auditioned for ‘The Voice’ Season 10 and made it to the blind auditions in February of 2016. With a short lived “reality television” life, Evan Taylor Jones was more than excited to stay true to his music and put all his focus into his first major project.


For six weeks, Evan and his eight piece band toured the United States and Canada in promotion of his latest music release, ‘The Sunray Sessions Live’ EP (which is now available for purchase and streaming at online distributors such as iTunes, Google Play, Spotify, Amazon Music and 20+ more worldwide!) The six song compilation is comprised of 4 original songs and 2 cover song, recorded live in a 14-hour session day at Sunray Recording Studios of Orlando, FL with a total of nine musicians to one room. Matthew Humphries, a former songwriter for Celine Dion wrote a note after listening to the tracks saying, “This young man is the real deal. What a voice and spirit. Every song was the best version I ever heard. I hope and pray that ETJ gets to perform on the biggest stages of the world.” Truly, Evan Taylor Jones is a powerhouse artist and is making that known, more and more across the globe. Learn more with our featured album spotlight.

Order your physical copy of the NEW Sunray Sessions Live EP or visit Evan for an in-person purchase at any one of his shows listed here. If you’re lucky, catch him at Disney Springs where he plays evenings every so often throughout the month.


Evan Taylor Jones as a producer is one-of-a-kind. He has a wide range of expertise spanning many genres and knows how to tell a story through sound. ETJ is a skilled musician, tailoring instruments to the necessities of the song — piano, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, bass, synth, samples, beat building, mixing, and his grand prize winning vocals.

Evan Taylor Jones is available for International Booking, Corporate Events, Wedding, and Festivals. Please contact for rates and packages. If you’re interested in having Evan Taylor Jones on your brand team, please reach out for reach and demographics.

“That flow was seen visually as the crowd swayed their bodies with perfection; they couldn’t help themselves.”


"He takes old fashioned Rock and Roll and combines it with high energy and flow."

Sterling Law Offices

“These days Pop and Rap dominate the Airwaves, but Jones shows us why we should continue to keep older styles alive, so future generations will remember this power.”

Creative Control Magazine