Evan Taylor Jones as a producer is one-of-a-kind. He has a wide range of expertise spanning many genres and knows how to tell a story through sound. ETJ is a skilled musician, tailoring instruments to the necessities of the song — piano, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, bass, synth, samples, beat building, mixing, and his grand prize winning vocals.

Hot of the press and just in time for summer 2019! Who needs beats? For all ears, ESPECIALLY SINGERS/ SONGWRITERS & RAPPERS who are good with words but don’t have any music to write, sing &/or rap to. Here are three instrumental tracks ranging from Pop, Rnb, & Hip-Hop. Artists can lease a single track or further inquire about how to OWN a single track by reaching out to me at [email protected]

Evan, as well as many African-Americans raised in the south U.S., was raised on soul-food, soul music, and Gospel. This production takes you deeper into his upbringing and roots of where his passion for this style of music began — R&B, Gospel, Hip-Hop, and modern classic with an unforgettable message and back-beat accentuated by the timing of the kick drum.

Here is an example of an introspective heartfelt pop song duet. ETJ blends and bends his formula to highlight his artist’s vocal abilities; accenting and complimenting his partner. All arrangements are composed from the well educated mind of ETJ. (“Be Yourself”)

Soul is a natural occurrence inside ETJ. The passion which burns inside his heart is translated effortlessly into the universe, building a beautiful atmosphere around his aura.

Here is an example of vocal range. ETJ is a well respected vocal coach and sings with purpose in “Afraid Of The Dark,” stating “if we learn to love each other, we will learn that we’re the same.” During his time on the road, he performs with world renowned a capella group, Six Appeal, whom are winners of the “SPRING A CAPPELLA INTERNATIONAL GRAND PRIZE CHAMPIONS” held in Moscow, Russia.

Here is an example of a story soundtrack. In this example ETJ takes a short story about a teen with abusive parents who is in love with an artist his parents disapprove of. The call backs to the track “Afraid Of The Dark” (featured in the next example) and emotional movements throughout take the listener on a relatable, thought-provoking journey into a real-life situation still happening all over the world.

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